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Vogue Sunglasses - The Wonderful History

It is impossible to hear the word 'Vogue' in any context without immediately picturing the world of high fashion and design in all its glory. In all its contemporary forms, the word is synonymous for glamour and passion the world over. Of course, if you were to simply refer to Vogue as a brand name, this could potentially refer to a number of more specific industries, such as Vogue magazine or the international manufacturer of designer eyewear. In this instance, it is the latter on which we intend to focus.

The range and faultless quality of Vogue eyewear across the board is such that it is almost impossible to select just a single pair without secret wishing you could take home dozens. For those at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and design, Vogue are nothing less than the 'creme de la creme' simply for the fact the range includes such an endless variation of styles, shapes and colour that pretty much every possible whim is catered for by a single fashion house. Whether searching for the perfectly subtle, demure and sophisticated style or a more alternative, dynamic and eccentric design, Vogue are something of a one-stop eyewear brand guaranteed to satisfy all fashion cravings. Constructed from the only finest materials available, the Vogue brand continues to astound the fashion world with innovative designs, all as highly regarded now as when the company first came to be.

The Vogue brand of designer eyewear as we know it today was originally launched in 1973, taking inspiration from Vogue magazine when naming the new brand of innovative products. After nearly two decades of huge success and popularity, Vogue was subsequently acquired by the Luxottica group in 1990; a move designed to increase the brand's worldwide potential and continuing pedigree.

The Luxottica group is currently the largest eyewear company operating in the world, with such market leading brands as Oakley, Ray-Ban and Vogue under its belt to name but a few. Furthermore, Luxottica are involved in the design and production of both sunglasses and frame for fashion industry giants such as Prada and Chanel. The product range also includes examples bearing brand names such as Tiffany, Versace, Chanel, Burberry, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.

Luxottica was founded in the year 1961 by Leonardo Del Vecchio in Northern Italy. Beginning his career as an apprentice tool maker and die artist in Milan, Del Vecchio decided to turn the skills and talents he honed working with metal to begin producing unique eyewear components and frames. Subsequently, 1961 saw Del Vecchio relocate to Agordo, located in the Italian province of Belluno, known to be the epicentre of the Italian eyewear industry and home to the most highly reputed brand names in the business. His new company was emblazoned with the title Luxottica, of which he remains one of the founding partners.

During 1967, Luxottica manufactured and released its first line of complete, luxury eyeglass frames carrying the Luxottica brand name, proving to be a huge hit across the fashion industry and bringing huge success and adoration to the company.

Del Vecchio believed that the only way to improve and further his already successful company was to branch out and expand the brand name to include or join other organisations with similar business models. As such, he first acquired Scarrone, primarily functioning as a distribution company. 1981 saw Luxottica establish its first subsidiary in the international market with an expansion into Germany. With regard to licensing deals, the first of a subsequently endless list was agreed with the

The Luxottica group officially registered in New York during 1990 and Milan during the latter half of 2000, both of which increased the ability of the company to acquire and incorporate other brands across the world of designer eyewear. The Vogue eyewear brand was one of the first to join Luxottica in 1990, with Person and LensCrafters following in 1995, Ray-Ban during 1990 and the Sunglass Hut corporation in the year 2001. This list continued over subsequent years resulting in the endless list of companies under the Luxottica brand as we know it today, the most recent of which being the gigantic Oakley brand, purchased for over $2 billion during 2007.