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Top 5 Reasons to Promote Your Business With Personalized Pet Pro

Top 5 biggest reasons: Using promotional pet products for your next tradeshow or event.

In this economy, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with brand loyalty geared marketing as more and more people are saving money with generic products. Does your company need to increase brand awareness and raise brand loyalty? Using pet promotional products at your next event or tradeshow can help you and here are the top five reasons why:

5. Pets, puppies and kittens: they invite smiles and compassion in us all. With your logo constantly being there when these feelings are brought on, people will associate smiles and compassion with your company! Who couldn't use a little pity pay in this recession? Reason #5: cuteness

4. With over 62% of America owning a pet, promotional pet items offer an instant connection with your soon to be new client. Reason #4: Common Connection

3. With the trends over the past 5 years showing increase in the pet industry's wealth from consumer spending, it is estimated to increase over $5 billion in the next year. By printing your company logo on a pet toy, treat or health care item, and selling it as retail, you not only tap into the pet industry's consumer spending, you are also increasing brand loyalty. Reason #3: Big Future!

2. The pet industry is one of the few industries who has not been affected by today's recession economy. With over $47.7 billion being spent in 2010, people will continually spend money on their pet. Reason #2: Get in on the Action!

1. The items are printed from 1 color to full color prints on various pet promotional items for dirt cheap!

Top benefiting companies:

Veterinary Clinics, Boarding Facilities, Groomers, Trainers, Colleges, Universities, Canine Obedience, High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Kennels, Pet Stores, Retailers, Daycare, Anybody Looking for Brand Loyalty!

Where to use these products?

-Sell them! Stick your logo on some toys, bowls, etc and sell them cheap at your store. Bam! Brand loyalty and increased profit margin!

-Tradeshows! Give aways, prizes, freebies; get your brand on something people won't throw away when they get home!

-Events! Handouts, freebies, giveaways; people love free functional items so get your logo on them!

Well that's it. There is my two cents. I suggest you take this advice and help your company marketing sooner rather than later. Tap into the hearts and wallets of all your future customers now!

Happy Marketing!