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The Law of Attraction and Emotional Alignment

Hollywood is not known for long-term love relationships. Once the lust, passion and newness wears off, whether it's in Hollywood or in your neck of the woods, relationships take a degree of presence and maturity to go the distance.

Lust gets confused with love. Novelty turns into ordinary. And romance often turns into routine. But it doesn't have to be this way. As a conscious creator you can ask for the qualities and attributes of what you want in your relationship and start magnetizing your desires to you.

The Law of Attraction is simply an energy alignment and management system. We are all energy. Everything is. But you need to be really clear about what you want in your relationship. How do you think having your optimal relationship is going to make you feel? What will life look and feel like when you have a thriving ideal love life?

When you play with your imagination and flow your attention to how it will feel when you have it, now you're in the attraction mode. If it's a love relationship you want to attract, you really need to know what your resistant points are. You need to know what you internal dialog is. What do you say to yourself about the likelihood of you attracting the perfect mate? Don't let external factors that Hollywood teaches be your criteria. You know what you place the highest value on. Likewise, your mother, sister or best friends don't get to say what's right for you. Your job is to get clear about what your deeply desire. Your job is to find the emotional alignment with your desire.

What is emotional alignment? It's also referred to as vibrational alignment. Emotional or vibrational alignment is being matched with what you want and how you feel about what you want. If you want a committed partnership and your internal dialog is: "I can't even get a second date. I'm so frustrated." Then you can see that you're out of alignment with your desires.

That's when a training program or personal coaching comes in to play. A trained listener, a skilled coach can tell you what beliefs are running counter to your desires. A skilled coach can help you find your alignment. You don't have to live life with frustration, loneliness and failure. Believe me, I used to be very resistant and had more than my share of failed relationships. But I cleared it all up and now love sharing with others how they can attract the love of their dreams. Life was meant to be shared and enjoyed. I'm wishing you successful attraction and lasting love.