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Chanel Valentine's Gifts for 2011 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon. What did you do for you girlfriend or your beloved to have a romantic and exciting day. You may have pre-ordered a romantic dinner, prepare to see a movie or take her out for a party. But one thing you must remember is to take her a gift while doing all these things. The beautiful red roses might be the first thing come into your mind; however they are not so special when the flowers fade. So choosing a practical and considerate present might be the best choice. As for woman, a beautiful pair of shoes is a great gift. Every time when she wears the shoes she would remember the romantic day when you give her the gift. Chanel, women's favorite brand updated a series of gifts for 2011 Valentine's Day, there are three pairs of shoes were included. If you are still hesitating to choose a gift for your beloved, you could choose one of them if she loves Chanel.

The Ballerina shoes were made of linen canvas and with special patent cap-toe. The uppers were embroidered with crochet flowers. They are looks very beautiful and comfortable. If your beloved is a ballet dancer, she must love this pair of shoes. Every time when she is dancing with the shoes on the stage, she would think about you and your considerate gift.

The T-strap was python leather and it was embellished with iconic pearls. The thong was made of PVC and with a camellia ornament. These two pairs of shoe are not as mature as the other Chanel shoes. Their looks are not so luxurious, colorful and dazing. The taste they showed is elegant. The dark colors are not mature for young people and childish for grown-ups.

All these Chanel gifts were carefully prepared and smartly designed. They are of different styles and tastes, every kind of them are women's favorite. Some people would say that these gifts were less romantic than the red roses. But in fact, these practical gifts are what women wanted. If you want your beloved to remember you every moment, these gifts could help you. Every time when you beloved see them or wear them, they would remember that you give her the special gifts on the special day. If you really want to make her happy, give her what she wanted. Chanel Valentine's gifts for your special "her" on 2011 Valentine's Day.