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Alluring Males Wear Allure Homme Cologne by Chanel

It isn't just women who can be or who want to be alluring. The scent of a man can be powerfully alluring as well. Allure Homme Cologne by Chanel is available in a few editions, such as in the Blanche eau de toilette and the Sports version as well as the original.

Chanel describes Allure Homme as Crisp and Clean and warm and sexy along with difficult to define and impossible to resist. Now, what man wouldn't want to be recognised this way? The product is sold as eau de toilette, after shave lotion, after shave moisturiser, and in a deodorant stick. The fragrance has been available since 1999 and is a well-known classic male scent with top notes of citrus such as bergamot and mandarin, a peppery middle, and a base of cedar, sandalwood, and more.

Chanel's Fragrances

Chanel has a long history of helping women to make a statement about themselves through their fragrance. They've done a great job of doing this for men as well with Chanel colognes for men that meet a variety of needs. Examples of other Chanel men's fragrances are: Bleu de Chanel, Egoiste, Platinum Egoiste, Pour Monsieur, Antaeus.

Some of the most popular fragrances in the world are made by Chanel. Chanel women's fragrances include: Chanel No.5, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, Chance, Chance Eau Fraiche, Chance Eau Tendre, Cristalle, Cristalle Eau Verte, Allure, Allure Sensuelle, No.19, Les Grand Extraits.

Allure Homme Reviews

Common remarks when asked about this fragrance reference the longevity, which is good. A little bit of Allure Homme goes a long way and it has a creamy, warm, and clean smell.

Buy Allure Homme Online

Should you buy cologne online? You'll find that there are a huge number of choices of companies you can buy from. It used to be that buying fragrances online was a bit of a luxury and you paid a premium for it in terms of shipping. But today, there are so many online retailers that it has become a pretty competitive market. And often, if you're buying more than one bottle of fragrance, you can often get discounted or even free shipping.

A lot of people who aren't sure if a fragrance is right for them will test it locally before buying. Some buy on the spot and then find a great perfume online retailer for a convenience and cost savings when they run low on their favourite scent.