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Great Cosmetics To Take On Vacation

Your husband has finally told you it is time for just the two of you to take a vacation. You are beyond thrilled! He has let you pick the location and hotel and it is up to you to plan your trip. Once all of the logistics have been made, it is time for you to decide what to pack. This is the fun part; organizing your suitcase to get ready for a week of fun!

The first items you should obviously pack are your clothes. Remember to also pack clothes for your husband that he will need every day. Once you've decided what clothes are good for day and evening wear, you can then pack them into suitcases. You may need to iron some shirts once you get to the hotel.

The first cosmetic item you should pack is lotion, or sun lotion. If you're going to be out during the day, whether it is in a cold or hot climate, the sun will be out, so you need to be protected. Anything with sun protectant in it is good to have, even if it's just face cream.

The second cosmetic that is great to take would be lip gloss or lip stick. Your lips also have to be protected from the sun, and besides, you want to feel nice when you're walking around. Burt's Bees sells good lip gloss and chap stick.

If you are going to be going out at night, some pretty eye shadows would be nice to have on hand. If your vacation is in the winter, you may want to go with brown eye shadows, greys, greens, anything on the darker side. In the summer you can bring along pinks, oranges, or any light color eye shadow.

Finally, you will be happy having some nice smelling perfume with you. You can pack what you have at home, or go out and buy a new perfume for yourself for your vacation. You can get Calvin Klein perfume. Calvin Klein perfume is a very standard and good make of perfume. If you are going to be sightseeing during the day, or even out to dinner at night, you will be happy you have some nice fragrance on hand.

It is fun taking a vacation and sometimes even more fun preparing for it. If you feel like you forgot to pack something and already arrived at the hotel, chances are they will sell something inside of the hotel that you will need or else you can find something close by.

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